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Good Times with Great Friends (Clone)


Trends come and go, but Girls Nights—like girlfriends—are forever. Looking for the best place to go? No need. Even when the temperature drops, the hottest spot is right at home. That way, you make the rules—or forgo them entirely.

Whether you’re a master planner or a complete newbie, we’ve got plenty of ideas for a great time. You can make Girls Night super simple—or take it to a whole ‘nother level. Either way, there’s no need to be intimidated. We've got you covered. You only decision? Deciding who to invite.

Now, let’s get this party planning started! Here’s your complete guide to a successful Girls Night In:

1. Create a perfectly crafted cocktail

To keep it simple: The Pear-fect Ginger Moscato. One drink – only three ingredients.

Start with 6 oz. chilled Allegro Moscato, then add 2 oz. of bottled pear juice and 1 teaspoon of finely chopped fresh ginger. Mix well and enjoy!

To kick it up a notch: Just substitute the bottled pear juice with fresh fruit.

Start with 6 oz. chilled Allegro Moscato; then:

· Peel and core one ripe pear

· Place in a blender until the consistency of applesauce

· Pour through a sieve or strainer and catch the juice in a measuring cup

· Add the fresh juice to the Allegro Moscato

· Peel and finely chop one heaping teaspoon of fresh ginger and toss it in

· Mix well; garnish with a fresh pear slice and enjoy!

2. Serve bite-sized, flavorful treats

To keep it simple: Create a masterful cheese plate, and then couple it with delectable chocolate-dipped fruit. Together, they’ll satisfy every sweet and savory craving—with no baking or cooking required!

To kick it up a notch: Add more food (of course!)

· Whip up a batch of Healthy Cookie Dough Dip. Serve it with graham crackers.

· Bring out your inner child: make these Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats, but don’t forget the colorful sprinkles!

· Pick up one (or more) fresh baguettes. Then, try this beautiful Pesto and Oven Roasted Tomato Bruschetta.

3. Pick your Ideal Party Games

To keep it simple: Watch the latest episode of The Real Housewives. Discuss. Seriously, with your group – the gift of gab is the only entertainment you need to keep the party lively for hours!

To kick it up a notch: Take a cue from Jimmy Fallon and play a few of the following:


- What you need: A Twister mat. (You likely have this tucked away in a closet; if not, just make a quick run to the toy store!)

- How you play: Choose one person to use the spinner. They instruct the players to put their left hand on red, right foot on yellow and so forth!

- What you’ll get: Guaranteed laughter. And as a bonus? A chance to show off your best yoga moves!


- What you need: A creative mind.

- How you play: You and your friends take turns making up questions to ask one another. Example: Would you rather be able to read people’s minds or change people’s minds?

- What you’ll get: Interesting conversation and probably more than a few laughs!


- What you’ll need: A box (or other container) plus notecards (or scrap paper) and a pen.

- How you play: Write down one question on each note card (e.g. What item that you own is your favorite?) Place all questions inside the box. Pick a question out of the box, direct it at one of your friends, and then you guess what their answer will be.

- What you’ll get: The answer to how well you know your friends—and how well they know you.

Now you’re all set to escape the chill outside and bring the fun indoors for an Allegro Girls’ Night In.